About Us

Our Creed

We believe in life – your life and the lives of family and friends.
We believe in living every minute with a heartfelt passion and an intense commitment to it.
We believe in putting intense energy into life, channeled with a fierce aggression.
We believe in focus: staying strong in mind and soul.
Knowledge is power: commitment to the cause breeds success; attitude strengthens our lives.
We can be there whenever you need us.
Hopefully we can lessen the tears and help the anger subside.
If we can brighten your day, then we have done our job.
We believe in providing care and compassion, not pity.
We know this is not time to pull any punches.
You are in the fight for your life, and we want to help.
We are about the fight against cancer.

-Adapted from The Manifesto of the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Our Mission



Mission Statement

STINGCANCER is a passionate and committed collaboration of high school students, faculty and staff dedicated to reducing the effects of cancer by initiating and supporting programs and activities for the school and its surrounding community.


  • To ease the stress of those affected by cancer
  • To offer support and comfort to those affected by cancer
  • To raise awareness of cancer and related concerns
  • To encourage formation of similar groups in high schools nationwide
  • To better the world, one act of kindness at a time