Advisory Team

STINGCANCER Advisory Team 2017-2018

Student Advisors

Alyssa VandenHeuvel Co-President 12th grade
Brandon Schaetz Co-President 12th grade
Annissa Derbique Vice President 12th grade
Rachel Adams Secretary 12th grade
Morgan Mann Publicity 12th grade
Claire Hafeman Publicity
12th grade


Faculty Advisors

Rita Mayfield

Doris Bethke

Brett Grunwaldt

Jennifer VanRemortel

Officer duties (not inclusive nor exclusive!):

STINGCANCER Student Advisor Job Descriptions



  • Point person for the group
  • Sets agenda for advisory meetings and large group meetings (Agenda for meetings needs to
    be typed up and distributed at meeting)
  • Keeps us focused and on track!


  • Get speakers or special activities for meetings
  • Assists Co-Presidents
  • Runs meetings in absence of Co-Presidents
  • Makes phone calls for ________________.
  • Sets up microphone & area for large meetings.
  • Checks to see if other advisors need assistance


  • Takes minutes at advisory meetings and posts them for reference on google docs.
  • Makes note of what is done at the large group meetings and post
  • Does sign-ups for events (each event lead will get their information to the secretary.
  • Make note on minutes of all the advisors that are present at the meetings.


These will be divided up between each advisor in this group and work with the event leads on
what they need for the event.(Posters, announcements, etc) Each person will be in charge of 3 items below

  • Photos
  • Announcements
  • Posters
  • Twitter
  • Instragram
  • Facebook
  • Hornetron
  • Brochure updating
  • Does attendance at large group meetings and outside events in a timely manner.
  • Sends out thank you notes to guest speakers, donations received, etc. in a timely manner.
  • Will help with Publicity when Morgan graduates in January