Wear Yellow Day


Wear Yellow Day 2017 – Friday, May 5, 2017

What is Wear Yellow Day, you say?  Well, Wear Yellow Day is an annual event sponsored by the STINGCANCER groups to show support of those who have been affected by cancer in some way.  It is also an opportunity to remember those who have lost their battle to cancer.

The concept is simple.  Just wear yellow on Friday, May 5th.  You don’t have to purchase a particular shirt, but many want  a special shirt to commemorate the day.

If you do want gear for this special day, ordering is pretty simple.  Between now and April 4, go to ktforms.com, the access code is WEARYELLOW.  There you will see the nine options we have for this year.  As you go through the ordering process, you will see a drop down list of schools.  IMPORTANT – Choose the school you want to support AND where you will be picking up the shirts.  Your order will go to the school you choose, prepackaged with your name on it,even though it will have a shipping address showing Southwest HS.  Pick up times will be around the end of April and first of May and may vary depending on the school.  Come back to this site and we will try to have the information as it gets closer.  Otherwise, contact your STINGCANCER group at the school you chose.  There is a shipping charge of $3 on each order, no matter how many items are in the order.  Ordering together will help you save.  There is also sales tax.  Most schools will NOT have extra shirts available, so please order online by April 4 so you aren’t disappointed.

We encourage businesses, large or small, individuals, churches, clinics, hospitals, schools, etc. to participate.  Many businesses allow their employees to wear the shirts to work that day.  It is an incredible sight to see a mass of yellow when someone walks through the door of a business.  Even more importantly, it lets those affected by cancer know that they are supported by many!

So mark your calendars to WEAR YELLOW ON MAY 5th.  THANKS!!!!!!