Advisory Team

STINGCANCER Advisory Team 2015-2016





Rachel Adams Volunteer/Event Coordinator 10
Claire Hafeman Social Media Coordinator 10
Victoria Harris Meeting Coordinator 11
Angel Her Secretary 11
Neng Vang Helping Hands Coordinator 11
Alexis Wiegert President 12
Alyssa VandenHeuvel Public Relations 10
Riley Arneson Social Media Coordinator 11

Faculty Advisors

Carolyn Johnson
Lynn Palubicki
Joy Pokel
Jillian Weyers
Nick Nesvacil
Nancy Bristol


Officer duties (not inclusive nor exclusive!):
President– Lead meetings, set agenda for meetings, meeting reminders
Secretary – take minutes at advisory meetings to email to advisory team, take minutes at whole group meetings and post by file cabinet
Meeting Coordinator – attendance, sets up meetings, treats, supplies – file cabinet
Helping Hands Coordinator –arranges delivery of HH bags, puts together bags, brochure
Volunteer/Event Coordinator– manage sign-ups for getting volunteers to work events, announcements, event reminders
Public Relations – gets speakers, deals with outside contacts, thank you notes
Social Media Coordinators – updates website/Facebook, Twitter, Hornetron, Bulletin Board, Display Case, takes photos